Commercial Cleaning

Patriot Carpet Cleaning prides themselves on providing professional, quality service to their clients with integrity and excellence. We are fully equipped to sanitize, disinfect, and clean thoroughly your place of business, worship, or learning. Patriot Carpet Cleaning has taken it upon themselves to ensure that your environment will be a cleaner, safer, and welcoming to customers and visitors.


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Commercial Building Cleaning

Patriot Carpet Cleaning provides a wide variety of commercial services to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for your employers and customers. We service the following :

  • Office Buildings
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Church/Place of Worship
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Offices
Offices/ Medical Buildings

Keep your office or medical building looking its absolute best with our professional carpet cleaning services in San Antonio and surrounding areas. 

Childcare/Religious Institutions

We value the health and safety of our community.  We make it a priority of ours to properly sanitize and disinfect as part of our professional cleaning services for schools, learning centers, and places of worship.

Real Estate

We would like to be a part of maintaining your vacation properties, home rentals, or investment properties. Patriot Carpet Cleaning extends the life of your investment with our industry leading services.  

Seasonal Cleaning

Patriot Carpet Cleaning offers seasonal cleaning for commercial businesses, learning centers, and place of worship.

Seasonal cleaning is the time of the year that your place of  business is needing a true deep cleaning. We are aware that the Holidays is a time for families and businesses to come together and celebrate. We would love to be apart of the celebration by making sure your place of employment, school, or church is throughouly cleaned and sanitized.

Seasonal Cleaning includes spring cleaning, one time cleaning, or getting ready for the holidays.  From carpets, to tile and grout, to your upholstery.  We want to leave your place of business ready for any season to come.

Make Ready Services

Patriot Carpet Cleaning takes pride in preparing residences for their next phase. Whether it is to prepare for a new tenant or a potential buyer it is our desire that your home, apartment, condo, or vacation rental is ready. We offer the following Make Ready Services:

  • Floor to Ceiling cleaning
  • Baseboards
  • Sanitizing Bathrooms and Kitchen
  • Tiled Floors
  • Deep Carpet Cleaning 

Commercial Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Remove dirt, stains, odors, and allergens such as pet dander and smoke from your carpets and rugs, extending the life of your floors and protecting your investment.

Upholstery Cleaning

Remove stains and odors from upholstery such as office furniture, church seating, lobby furniture, etc. We can spot clean too.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Destroy harmful germs and bacteria and extend the life of your tile floors by professionally cleaning your tile and grout. 

Grout Sealing

This process protects your grout so it repels water and is resistant to germs. Prolong the look of your floors and resist mold and mildew at the same time.

Move In & Out Cleaning

Our professional make-ready services prepare your home, apartment, or business for its next tenants, giving you peace of mind.

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing services renew life back into your home, deck, patio, driveway, and office space by removing mold, mildew, and dirt.

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